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Story Progress Update

Yay so I actually buckled down and got some writing done today! not quite finished the next chapter for Choices, but I'm alot closer than I have been for... nearly 2 months. This one's really left me stuck. It's more just rounding out the skeleton I've built and finishing it off now. Which is nice.

I'm also feeling all productive in my life since I managed to sort out my kitchen worktop and have done 2/? (maybe 5 or 6) coats of oil. Each coat takes 24hrs to dry.... so it won't be done for a while. but hey at least it's started. I do still have 2 of the 6 current books in the Hollows series to read (I got burnt out after 5 books in 9 days). I kinda have an idea for a Hollows fic... but It prob wont be a crossover. And it might be pairing centric!! never done that before and it scares me. I'll be dabbling at writing it and will try to not let it slow down any updates to my ongoing fic atm. Ooh and I've been watching True Blood! (yes I know... slight overdose in vampire fiction... but hey, it's all fun).

Anyway, assuming the cold which kept me in bed typing today instead of out and about (not that I really had anything much to do)... anyway assuming I dont get worse (and so actually stay abed sleeping as a pose to reading/writing) I think I might manage to finish the chapter soon! like in the next few days. Def no promises on that tho.

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