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So I've done very little in the past few days... I intended to write more over the weekend... I also intended to sand my kitchen worktop and refinish it... none of these things happened because instead IT SNOWED!! yes this weekend saw the most snow in London for... well my lifetime. so you have to forgive me (and the rest of my fellow londoners) for going a little bit crazy for the white stuff. We had about 8 inches, which to alot of people arround the globe isn't much. But to london and londoners it apparently meant the be all and end all. On monday we had no trains, no busses, few tubes. Those brave people who trudged into work were worshipped for their tenacity. Generally the city as a whole grumbled to a halt. Which I totally loved.

It was like this bizzare combination of inner city and small town life. the streets were silent, or quiet at least, and people walking along them greet strangers happily... join up with people they've never met to defeat others in a snow fight or even just build a snowman. For some reason the coating of white over everything in sight made London a far more amiable place. Not, I hasten to add, that I dislike london under normal circumstances... I'm completely in love with my birthplace. But it was magical to see it in this whole new light. To see something that hasn't happened since before I can remember.


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