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I have a strong tendency of disappearing and abandoning stories, fiction, sites for far too long. At the moment I'm rather busy - I have two essays (only 1500 words... but still) to write by next monday and all my Christmas shopping to do. Neither of which I'm particularly looking forward to. Luckily procrastination has taken a firm hold in the form of writing my fanfiction and sorting out all the stuff I have on my hard drive... which leads me to this...

I've decided to put up bits and pieces of thoughts etc which don't look like they'll ever fit into a fic. Some of these might be connected to one of my stories - perhaps old sections which no longer fit... others will just me me trying to sort out my ideas on a topic. The following is a (very) brief section on marriage. I think this came from a conversation I had with some friends a year or so ago about it (ironically enough, the friend who disagreed with me most is engaged... I wonder if her views have changed at all). 

Marriage is about ownership.

You might disagree, argue that we've moved on. That women have worked hard to become equals. That no one can own another human being.

That's your prerogative I suppose, and you might be right after all, the idea of marriage has become warped, twisted between religion and law until it's definition has become a matter of contradicting opinions.

But if you ignore all that, ignore the rhetoric and concentrate on what's behind it all, what causes one person to bind themselves irrevocably to another. It's about giving yourself to another, about taking them in return


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