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Author: JoDi
Title: Chosen -7- That’s a lot of Shake
Fandom: BtVS
See contents for disclaimer and links to all chapters
Summary: Activating all the potentials has an unforeseen effect on Buffy and we find out what it really means to be Chosen.

That’s a lot of Shake

A grouchy waitress approached the table, wearily getting out her pad “Y’all ready to order?”

The blonde turned to the other girl at the table.

“Are you sure you need sprinkles as well?”

“Buffy, please, I‘m leaving today…” Dawn wined, turning on the pout and big eyes… it was only a matter of time before the guilt trip started…

“Fine. She’ll have a large chocolate milkshake with caramel sauce, Oreos and chocolate sprinkles, and I’d like a glass of iced water, please.” she flashed a bright smile at the waitress who couldn’t help returning it before she left to fill their order.

“You sure we’ve got everything you need?” Buffy looked at the piles of bags that surrounded their table.

Dawn looked thoughtfully around her totaling up her purchases then looked dubiously at her sister. Buffy answered her own rhetorical question before Dawn could beg for more clothes, shoes and hundreds of other miscellaneous things that she just had to have right now.

“No Dawn, you’ve got enough.” Buffy kicked one of the bags away to give herself some leg room “Even with slayer strength, I can’t carry much more”

“I do have a whole wardrobe to replace you know.” A pained look crossed her sisters’ face “All those beautiful clothes… shoes… destroyed.”

“They do have shops in Ohio you know.”


“Dawn” the warning in Buffy’s tone quieted her sister. The waitress returned with their order placing a huge glass in front of Dawn.

“Mmmm… Chocolate. Milkshake good” Dawn looked up grinning at her sister over her monstrous drink.

Buffy scowled at her sister who was happily slurping her drink.

“I don’t get how you can eat that stuff.”

“Says a slayer.” Dawn replied sarcastically “I swear Faith eats more than a dozen sumos. And the fridge always mysteriously empties after your midnight ‘snacks’.”

“Slayer metabolism definitely has a lot to answer for. But I have no idea how you stay slim with the amount you eat. At least I have an excuse.”

“I’m still growing. I need my vitamins”

Buffy raised her eyebrow at the tall glass of chocolate flavored processed milk in front of her sister.

“Vitamins is one thing, of which there are none in that glass by the way, and eating enough snacks to stuff Xander is another.”

“Come on Buffy, exaggeration is one thing… but more than Xander. We both know that’s impossible.”

“You’ve never seen Faith full flow have you? We had to order double at research parties after she first…” the joking sentence trailed off as she continued that train of thought to the memory of how Faith’s first visit to Sunnydale had ended.

As close as she and Faith had gotten since her arrival in Sunnydale, there was still their past, niggling at the back of every thought. Buffy looked up at her sister’s worried gaze then back down at her now half empty drink. “That thing’s still the nuclear bomb of diet destroyers.” Dawn looked at her drink and made a face.

“It is making me kinda queasy.”

“The sprinkles.” It was half way between a statement and a question.

“Yeah.” Dawn glared at the sprinkles on the top of her milkshake, Buffy nodded sagely. “How did you know they’d be too much?”

“The wisdom that comes with being the older sister. Haven’t you learnt yet? Big sisters are always right.”

Dawn smirked “But you’re such an iddy bitty thing.”

Silence reigned as Buffy seethed from that comment and Dawn smugly finished off her milkshake. She glanced at her watch then looked at her sister in shock. “We’re late” Dawn spluttered on the remnants of her drink; eyes wide at the thought of Willow’s reaction to their absence.

~ ~ ~

They arrived back at the hotel twenty minutes later than planned to find the whole place in uproar, Willow rushing frantically around. There was a pile of luggage strewn over the floor. Giles was making his way downstairs with a large box grasped to his chest.

“We’re back”

Willow approached with a determined look on her face, but luckily for the Summers girls the shock of Dawn’s loud greeting had made Giles stumble and loose his grip on the box of ancient books, which were now strewn over the floor. Dawn gulped as she now had two of the Scoobies annoyed at her.

“Do you have any idea how old these are? You could try warning me before you shout out.” Dawn dashed up the stairs hoping to avoid the repercussions as Giles started collecting up the tombs, muttering under his breath “16th century translation of the original Sumerian... ruined” He collected up the scattered pages of a volume whose spine had broken in the fall. Angrily attempting to sort the pages into some kind of order inside their jacket. Buffy absentmindedly scanned the titles as she helped Giles pack them back into their box.

“Where did you get these anyway? I thought we’d already sent the books ahead.”

“Angel showed me this quaint little book shop with a back room just off… you didn’t really want to know did you?”

Buffy smiled amiably “Just thinking out loud. Bizarre to have a back room filled with demon texts not porn though. ” She picked up another volume “Oohh I remember researching this one” she started flipping through the pages, skimming over the content “hmph” she frowned “You know this translation isn’t that…” she felt eyes on her back, and turned to see Giles staring at her in disbelief.

“You helped to research one of the Egyptians premier texts on Vampires?” He took off his glasses and started searching for a handkerchief. “It is quite outdated now; I just got it for the historical value really but…”

He paused as both he and Buffy realized there was a third party in their conversation staring angrily at the pair of them. They simultaneously turned to see Willow’s angry glare. She was standing, arms crossed, tapping her foot impatiently. “Are you two quite done? ‘Cause I’d quite like to catch our plane.”

They muttered their apologies and hurriedly gathered together the rest of the books. As they were just finished packing up the box, Dawn came downstairs with a large suitcase. She opened it on the floor and started stuffing in her purchases. Buffy looked on with amusement as the bag was filled haphazardly and Dawn hopelessly attempted to close the straps of the over packed bag.

“It does help if you fold your clothes”

A horn sounded outside “The cabs are here” Willow shouted over her shoulder as she started to carry their luggage down the steps. “We need to get going.”

Dawn was sitting on the suitcase trying to squash the clothes to close the zip. “You know for a champion of the people, you’re not very charitable about giving out your super-powered help.” She scowled up at her sister who was for once enjoying being taller than her sibling.

Buffy sighed and kneeled down to force the case shut as her sister zipped it up. She took the bag out to the cab, and then joined in as everyone was hurried around by Willow who was organizing getting everything getting into the cabs. The redhead glanced at the clock on the wall as they bade farewell silently speeding it along.

Dawn gave her sister a quick hug before being hurried with Giles into a cab, saying quick goodbyes to the slayer. Willow grabbed her purse and jumped into the other cab, shouting out the lowered window as the cab pulled away from the pavement “We’ll see you in a few weeks.”

Buffy stood alone in the lobby as the cabs drove away and the air settled from the rush. Finally relaxing as she was able to let go of the persona she affected for her friends.

“You can come out now”

Faith came out of the shadows of the stairwell “You know me. Never one for the sappy goodbyes.” Faith came down to stand next to Buffy and slung a small hold all over her shoulder. She cocked her eyebrow at the slayer. “Ready to ride?”

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