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Choosing - Chosen -6- Coffee Memories

Author: JoDi
Title: Chosen -6- Coffee Memories
Fandom: BtVS
See contents for disclaimer and links to all chapters
Summary: Activating all the potentials has an unforeseen effect on Buffy and we find out what it really means to be Chosen.

Coffee Memories

There was something wrong with her mocha. Or her…. Depending on how you looked at it. Willow certainly wasn’t having a problem with hers as she rambled on about the specific difficulties she had encountered while accessing the Council’s accounts.

Luckily the topic was the only one which Buffy wouldn’t be reprimanded too badly if it was found she wasn’t listening. It wasn’t as if she’d ever paid much attention, or attempted to understand, how Willows hacking worked.

In the mean time, she sipped her mocha, identical to hundreds consumed in similar shops over the past few years, and contemplated the problems with her drink.

**The smell of roasting coffee beans was all around the stagnant heat of the hut keeping the rich aroma inside. Suddenly her grandfathers slow stirring halted and he made a final assessment of the beans over the fire before deeming them finished and pouring the beautifully baked beans out of the pan. She jumped forward and started bagging the still hot beans, occasionally sneaking one into her mouth when her elder was concentrating on the new batch of coffee, blowing on the smoldering embers of the fire beneath the pan to heat up the coals.**


From the tone of her voice, it was obvious that Willow had been trying to get her attention for a while… hopefully she wasn’t in too much trouble.

“Sorry Will. I kinda zoned out into a memory again.”

“What triggered this one? Was it me talking about how to bypass…” Buffy quickly butted in before Willow could once again become engrossed in her binary world.

“It was the coffee.” to prove the point Buffy took a sip of the drink in question. It was even worse with the remembered flavor of freshly roasted beans still on her tongue.

She shuddered at the bland taste

“I can’t drink any more of this crap.”

Willow looked at Buffy in confusion. This had been her choice of café; the one she had loved when she was at Hemery. They had traveled half way across L.A. just to taste the ‘Wonderful’ coffee.

She looked down apprehensively at the now half-full cup in her hand, that she had been happily drinking from all morning. She raised the mug to her lips and once again tasted the liquid. A contented smile crossed her face and she sighed as she savored the taste.

Buffy looked in distaste at the steaming mug in front of her. “Sorry Will, I guess in some lives I thought a good cup of coffee was important. This is just so… dull”

“You zone out over a not so great cup of coffee… we really need to stop these things.”

“I know. But they were helpful when we went over the demon books we‘re taking to Cleveland. Like instant watcher knowledge; see a picture, get trancy images of how to kill it.”

“How are your meditation techniques going?”

“Okay I guess. I just can’t seem to stop these memories. I just wish some of them weren‘t so pointless.” Buffy scowled at the rejected mug in front of her.

“What was this one about?”

“A coffee plantation I lived on as a child. We harvested the beans and roasted them. I can still smell them cooking over the open fire.”

“Err… Buffy… That might just be the smell of the café.”

Buffy shook her head, wrinkling her nose in distaste at the comparison. “Believe me when I say it isn’t.” Willow raised her eyebrows but knew better than to comment.

“But you’re sure this won’t affect your slaying?”

Buffy scowled. “Can’t really tell without anything to slay… but I don’t think so.”

Willow nodded warily at Buffy’s blunt answer and took in yet another subject that their friendship was no longer close enough to cover.

She quickly changed the subject, and soon they were talking enthusiastically about the house Xander had found in Cleveland. Planning the renovations needed on a building that was to house two slayers.

Each trying to enjoy the pretence that they were still best friends, still knew each other’s lives, that they even lived in the same world anymore.

~ ~ ~

Buffy grumpily looked at the bus maps and timetables they had acquired from the library. Just because she’d been in a couple of accidents, years ago, no-one would even go near a car with her in the driver’s seat. Faith, who had been there to hear the tales first hand at the time, wasn’t going to take the risk. Buffy scowled up at her sister slayer, aimlessly knocking her feet against the counter she was perched on.

“Are you gonna help? It’s you that wanted to go by bus…”

Faith threw down the magazine she had been skimming through and slumped into a chair next to Buffy’s and started blindly leafing through the timetables.

“Yeah but I was thinking more like just go where we wanted… y’no; be impulsive” Faith raised her eyebrows suggestively at Buffy in the easygoing flirty manner that the two of them hadn’t been comfortable enough to use for years. Buffy grinned at the reaction. Enjoying the growing ease in their relationship while Faith was still walking on eggshells around all the others she had hurt.

“Faith we have to have some kind of plan… plus Willow wouldn’t leave me alone until I said I’d make one” Faith laughed and chucked her timetable back onto the mess on the table.

Buffy looked in askance at the magazine which had flown through her organized planning. Her eyes suddenly lit up as she focused on the page. Faith wouldn’t be able to resist. An evil smile graced her face.

“Impulsive would be a lot easier if we didn’t have to stick to bus timetables…”

“No way Buff… you’ll never get me in a four wheeled vehicle with you again”

Buffy cocked her eyebrow and grinned at her friend, knowing that she was about to cave. “Who said anything about four wheels?” she glanced down at the open page.

Faith followed Buffy’s Gaze to the motorcycle advert in her magazine. Her eyes shone like a small child with a new toy. She looked hopefully at Buffy not believing what she hoped she was implying.

“I drive though. I don’t trust you to stay within the speed limit, and regardless of the fact Will wiped your record, I don’t think we want you near any cops.”

Faith’s expression, that had drooped slightly when she was told she wouldn’t be driving, went blank; fixed into a neutrally indifferent expression at the reminder of her times behind bars. Buffy looked up warily at her friend, not sure if they were close enough for her to comfort her… If Faith would let her in. Buffy forced Faith to look her in the eye.

“You know that doesn’t matter anymore” Faith nodded but Buffy wasn’t sure that she’d accepted their forgiveness. Or had even believed them when they’d given it. She grinned “Hey I’ve had help from two bloodsucking murderers in my time as a slayer, you would have to do a lot more to scare me off.”

Not exactly satisfied but at least reassured by Buffy’s comments, Faith sighed, and then looked up hopefully at the other slayer.

“You still don’t get to drive”

Faith pouted annoyed but unsurprised that even her past couldn’t make Buffy give in, she eagerly followed Buffy out of the Hotel away from the damn timetables as they went to shop for their wheels.

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